China to Malawi Freight & Cargo

Welcome to our Air freight from China to Malawi.

Our Rates:

Minimum chargeable is weight 20kgs – 220USD
*During the COVID19 outbreak our rates are variable until further notice*

**********************Excluding Duty        Including Duty

1kgs – 20kgs                  $Variable                $Variable

21Kgs– 45kgs                 $Variable                 $Variable

45 – 99kgs                    $Variable                 $Variable

100 – 300kgs                 $Variable                 $Variable

301 – 500kgs +               $Variable                 N/A

Customs Clearance rates:

Over the counter clearance          –              30 000mk

Bill of entry value – 2 000 000MK – agent fee is 50 000MK

Bill of entry value + 2 000 000MK – agent fee is 5% of VDP

Handling Charge – charged at destination

Delivery Instructions and address:

Please follow the delivery instruction below.

  1. Notify us first before making an order and delivery.
    Info desk +0044 77 99 00 11 79 (WhatsApp)
    Malawi info desk +265 996754911 / +265882614243 
  1. Send us a comprehensive packing list or description of goods.
    *** Invoices required
  1. Give your supplier the following contact details in order to arrange a delivery to our warehouse.
    Recipient : 汪敏(Min Wang)/江先生 (Mr Jiang ), Telephone : 15112620389/18206666536
  2. Give your supplier the delivery address as below:English*
    C/o Swiss Global
    Warehouse 1
    Western Huade Logistics park
    Fuyong load, Baoan district

    C/o Swiss Global
    深圳(福永仓) : 深圳市宝安区福永街道怀德西部物流园1仓库B25-26
  3. Lastly, send us any tracking info.
    ***When your goods are to be picked in China collection fee is charged depending with area

Time Frames:

Goods take 7 to 10 working days

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