Joining Our Network

Be part of our Europe – China – Southern Africa Network

Why Swiss Global?


Swiss Global has built a personal network between Europe and Southern Africa.  We continue to enjoy exponential growth and we are now advancing towards China and the rest of Asia. 

As part of this ever growing market, we are now part of a vast international network of airlines, couriers and haulage companies. Our dedicated network benefits from long standing relationships with our various partners and ensures we can be trusted to deliver on our commitment to you and or your business.

An intense market research has driven Swiss Global to develop a market-segment based strategy. Therefore, Swiss Global is strategically located in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe and Malawi. These hubs have been carefully selected considering the cost of effectiveness, market strength and market development in these host nations. The main objective is to create an effective global network that meets our main performance objectives such as cost, quality, reliability, and efficiency.

Southern Africa

Swiss Global has managed to establish registered subsidiaries in Malawi and Zimbabwe.
These serve as distribution centers for the entire Southern Africa.
We have a carefully selected qualified team to facilitate customs procedures and all cargo handling.

Our bonded and general warehousing facilities enable Swiss Global to operate efficiently at a regional and international capacity.

  • Malawi

Malawi is a growing economy with a lot of potential growth in the export and import sectors.

Points to note:

  • Construction of the Malawi international inland port entered feasibility studies phase in 2015 and is underway.
  • The (Blantyre) Chileka International airport expansion project to convert it into a regional hub is on schedule with the completion of the dual carriage in 2018.
  • Conveniently our Swiss Global Malawi warehouse is situated at a prime location a few kilometers away from Chileka Airport.

As a result, the Swiss Global Malawi hub acts a distribution center for Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania.

  • Zimbabwe

Swiss Global was one of the dominant players in this market in 2017 and we continue to look to build and solidify our position as potentially the most recognized and trusted company in this market

Points to note:

  • Zimbabwe is going through a new political dispensation which has seen an increase in investor confidence. Therefore, the general expectation is an increase in export and import trade.
  • Our sales forecast in this market reflects a growing demand and can be expected to continue to grow.
  • Our warehouse is located at the newly re-named RGM International Airport in Harare.

As a result, the Swiss Global Zimbabwe hub acts a distribution center for South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.


  • United Kingdom

The Swiss Global headquarters are in the United Kingdom, Nottingham.

Points to note:

  • Brexit presents us with new and renewed opportunities for international trade especially with countries like CHINA.
  • Swiss Global has vast experience and access to all air and sea ports in the UK.
  • Our UK network allows us to complete Import Customs clearance, store and deliver shipments from all major Airports and Sea ports within the UK.

Regional and International appeal

The Swiss Global hubs are in different strategic geographical locations.  They all have been designed and structured in line with international standards. They are also developed in line with each other to create a harmonized network that is efficient and effective.
Swiss Global as a whole is accredited to most of the internationally recognized freight forwarding regulatory bodies including national.

Service provisions

  1. Forwarding and consolidation by air, sea and road freight
  2. Customs clearing
  3. Personal effects
  4. Commodity broking
  5. Warehousing
  6. Courier service

Looking into the future

With Brexit on the horizon we have a renewed opportunity to enter the Europe market.  Swiss Global seeks to establish a European hub that will help facilitate more efficient movement of goods from outside the EU and from the UK.

Opportunities in Africa are limitless.  Swiss Global seeks to establish itself in other African regions such central, western and eastern Africa.

Our proposal

Swiss Global is looking for a reputable and established partner(s) in sea and air freight forwarding.

Swiss Global has a vast combined market share comprising of business and personal customers from the UK and all of Southern Africa.

The new partner

Good reputation, efficiency and corporate governance are fundamental.
We require a partner with efficient IT systems to cater for our commercial/business partners.
Flexibility is also required to deal with our personal or individual customer seeking to import export from any destination.
This includes the capacity to collect and deliver nationwide, sufficient storage and competitive freight routes.

For more infor please contact ED (Sales) on 0044 7799001179