Online Shopping & Cargo

Are you an Entrepreneur?
Are you simply an online shopper?
Are you tired of middleman/personal shoppers in Europe?
Or are you looking for different products for a new business idea?

Here is how Swiss Global can assist you access the vast UK and EU ONLINE market.

*** Please be advised we do not offer personal shopper services but it is something we are looking into at the moment ***

All you have to do is order from any online store and use our warehouse address as your delivery address.

Your delivery and postage details will look like below:

[Your Name]
Swiss Global
6 Swinstead Close
NG8 3Jg

Once you have made an order we will simply require a few details and our helpful customer care team will make sure the goods are dispatched a.s.a.p once they are received.

Swiss Global accepts most credit cards including PayPal

But before you go online please get in touch for more details, terms and conditions

‘The world in a box….’

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